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    Innovation = Vision
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    Experience = Knowledge
    Make our experience your most valuable asset.
    Achieve sustainable business growth and lasting success
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    Strategy = Success
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    Growth = Opportunity
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Guiding Your Business On The Road To Success

Whether you are just starting up a new business or you are already established and considering a leap to the next level, let Mibex Select Consultants be your guide on the Road To Success.

Marketing Strategy & Planning
Market Research & Analysis
Distribution & Channel Partners
Customer Relations & Sourcing
Sales Improvement
Sales Training
Coaching & Support
Mass Market Strategies
International Marketing
Product Strategy & Positioning
Product Sourcing & Development
Product Launch Strategy
Business Start-up (Planning & Support)

There are lots of critical decisions to be made as you enter into each unforeseen curve in the road as certain as there will be deviations to slow you down. We will chart a well-planned and carefully researched map that will lead you, start to finish, effectively and efficiently, to your targeted destination. Why is Mibex Select Consultants your best choice – because we not only prepare a customized map but we are there to guide you through it!

About Mibex-Select

About Us

Mibex Select Consultants a marketing consulting firm providing a spectrum of advisory services to small and medium size businesses. We specialize in advising businesses owners how to contemporize market strategies, enhance sales and improve the overall outlook for their business. We focus on all aspects of the business and provide straight talk sensible solutions to issues of concern for our clients. We address each mandate with a hands-on approach and a keen personal interest in our clients' success. Our goal is to enhance growth with a combination of innovative strategies and down to earth good business sense.

We embrace our clients’ trust and dedicate our efforts to building success. Our approach is a collaborative one, always considerate of our client's insight and experience. We support and encourage the involvement of our clients' employees and management to promote a spirit of interaction as the foundation for steadfast improvements.

Our Mission

Mibex Select Consultants strives to be recognized as a leading provider of support services for businesses at all levels. Combining industry knowledge, functional experience and technology skills we will help our clients grow and to realize extraordinary value. Our team of qualified advisors will promote long lasting and durable business relationships based on trust, integrity and quality of service. Whether required for the short, medium or long term our services will remain the most reliable resource on which our clients can depend, time after time.

Our Commitment

To understand our clients’ needs and deliver straight talk, practical and sustainable solutions.
To implement innovative strategies and improve business conditions on behalf of our clients.
To achieve customer satisfaction by providing professional services at the highest levels of integrity and discretion.

Our Core Values


Passion drives our energy and the determination to achieve the best results towards our clients’ success.


Our clients’ trust is the foundation for a successful collaboration towards achieving desired results.


We maintain professional standards in respect to discretion, privacy, and the proprietary belongings of each client.

Commitment & Integrity

Our commitment is to complete each mandate with the highest degree of client satisfaction.We strive for excellence in the quality of our all work performed on behalf of our clients.


We remain current with evolving technologies and the knowledge required to deliver contemporary solutions towards sustainable growth.


Teamwork is the unique ability in how we coordinate all the expertise necessary to provide our clients with a comprehensive 360 degree solution.

Our Experience

Mibex Select Consultants offers clients a broad range of knowledge and experience. Our consulting team is comprised of recognized industry experts with extensive knowledge and a track record for producing results. Our associates provide expertise specific to most industries and business disciplines. The collaborative synergies we promote benefits our clients with made to measure resources towards achieving desired results. As a team we share a passion for delivering outstanding service with the highest degree of integrity. We aspire to achieve enhanced levels of opportunity, value and success for each of our clients, regardless of their size.

Consulting Services

Hiring A Consultant

Why hire Mibex Select Consultants? Benefit from the experience crucial to the successful growth and development of your business. At any stage of your business, an experienced consultant will guide you through growth obstacles and help develop a lasting impact towards future success.

A consultant provides the level of expertise that most businesses cannot afford to retain on a permanent basis. With a range of flexible service options, support is available when needed and for the extent of time desired.

Our qualified consultants collaborate with you, the business owner, or your management team offering new ideas, an objective perspective and creative solutions to problems. We can help increase your efficiency, enhance productivity, save you time and money resulting in business improvement and sustainable growth.

Mibex Select Consultants can provide great value to your business with solutions that reduce operational costs, increase productivity and deliver many other tangible benefits:

A wealth of broad based experience at an affordable price

Guidance to avoid costly mistakes - identify a potential problem and implement a solution efficiently

Specialized skills through specific expertise that is not available in-house

Objectivity and the ability to see the big picture: A consultant can identify opportunities in how to improve your business that you may not have considered!

Innovation and lagging technical solutions

Mentoring and training opportunities for management and staff

Fresh approach to outdated sales initiatives and protocols

Efficiency through hiring an expert for a short period of time - when needed as needed

Your vision realized through an integrated managed solution to develop and commercialize a product or service from concept to market

Unique process and methodology with access to external resources and services


A consultant to your business assumes the responsibility to provide answers and demonstrate guidance based on well researched information, experience, and integrity.

Mibex Select Consultants clients depend on accurate information often critical in determining important decisions related to a potential business opportunity, negotiation or transaction. We examine data from a variety of sources and compile a detailed 360 degree perspective that outlines market conditions, industry factors, trends, competition, potential risks, etc. Better information provides better results that could potentially save you large sums of money and allow you to make a better deal than anticipated. Clear and concise information is a window to the future. You deserve to know so Mibex provides the “know-how”.

We can work in-sync with your legal and financial advisors and contribute our expertise to provide a multidimensional perspective of your venture. In an ever changing world where systems and technologies evolve, sometimes faster than we can evaluate them, insight into what the future potentially holds could be invaluable. Though financials can credibly depict past and present performance, well compiled market information offers a valuable perspective to the future of the business.

Marketing Strategy

We address specific challenges within the overall apparatus of your business including issues related to marketing, sales, customer relations, training, product sourcing & development, logistics, and internal communications. Some people maintain the philosophy, “don't fix it if it ain't broken” but no business can afford to rest on its laurels. This means that if your business is not achieving steady and significant growth year after year something may already be broken.

When growth indicates signs of lagging we can help in determining the type of strategies most compatible to your specific needs. We research, compile and do in-depth analysis of data which allows us to understand all aspects of your business, your industry and your market. Working in collaboration with your management team we propose strategies that are innovative, dynamic and always respective of the needs of our clients. The success of our mandate is not in turning your enterprise upside down but rather in providing a successful model for growth and stability. Our solution will meet your defined objectives and establish a context for sustainable future growth.

Mibex Select Consultants always strives to deliver the highest standards in quality of service in a manner that is most professional and discreet. We are especially focused at customer satisfaction in accommodating the diverse needs of our clients. 

Business Improvement

Every component of a business integrally contributes to its overall efficiency, profitability and success. But what happens when those traditional strategies and key sales personnel are no longer capable to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving marketplace. As markets evolve globally, unfamiliar competitors are grabbing away valuable customers posing a threat to stability and growth potential. Hit and miss responses are proving ineffective and inevitably consume a lot of time and valuable resources. When circumstances appear unsurmountable consider Mibex Select Consultants as your external resource for expertise and the level of support necessary to get your team and business back on track.

Regardless the challenge you are facing, a Mibex Select Consultants will meet with you to discuss your needs and clearly outline all the available options in how to proceed. No mandate is too big or small. We have the know-how, formulated over 30 years with diverse practical business and consulting experience, to achieve the type of solutions that will ideally serve your needs.

There are many ways how we can help:

You are a manufacturer of consumer products but you have not been able to penetrate desired markets

You need to connect with new channel partners or re-establish previous relationships with wholesalers and distributors

You need to expand the overall framework of your business to accommodate growth and development

You have not been successful in attracting or sustaining major or mass market customers

You need to improve logistics capabilities to meet distribution requirements of major customers

Your current sales strategy has not been successful in keeping up with industry growth targets

You have a concept and need to develop your product and market presence

You have a product but need to improve your sales and marketing structure

You need to diversify your business through new products, lines, or services

Your sales have reached a plateau and are no longer growing

You need to enhance relations with customers and/or suppliers

You need to improve internal communications and efficiencies

You need to expand your market presence regionally, nationally, or internationally

Your competitors seem to always have an edge on price and product availability

Market Research & Analysis

Our analysis provides the information necessary to determine where and how modifications can be best implemented to satisfy your business objectives. The next step is to chart the course towards business improvements, growth and success. Specific to the needs of your business, an action plan is proposed detailing a framework of solutions to address all relevant issues outlined in our review.

PIN-POINT© Key Factors Analysis

Our exclusive PIN-POINT© Key Factors Analysis is a comprehensive review process of all the key aspects of your business:

Collaborators (external partners, subsidiaries, joint ventures, distributors, etc.)

Customers (number, type, value drivers, decision process and customer concentration to particular products)

SWOT Analysis (Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Promotion (marketing collateral, advertising, public relations, promotional programs and budget)

Product (brand name, quality, scope of product line, sourcing, manufacturing, warranty and packaging)

Company (structure, focus, culture, technologies, operational efficiencies and communications)

Competitors (market position, strengths, weaknesses, market share)

Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives

Pricing (structures and strategies, payment terms and conditions)

Market / Industry (performance, forecast, segmentation, imports/exports and other relevant production data, market needs and conditions)

Distribution (sales process, distribution channels, channel partners and agreements, retail locations, web applications, logistics including transportation, warehousing and order fulfillment)

PEST Analysis (Political and legal environment, Economic environment, Social and cultural environment, Technological environment)


Defining Implementation

Implementation is the process of putting words into action. Once the required strategies are developed and a clearly charted “Road Map” is presented, the solutions take shape through a coordinated implementation process. Implementation comprises any combination of the following service categories:

Product Development

When a client admits that they may not be able to turn recommendations into results, Mibex Select Consultants is there to offer a continued level of support to get the implementation process off the ground and completed successfully.

Our managed implementation process is developed in consideration of the client’s timeline and resources. We assume the responsibility for attaining qualified service providers, obtaining and presenting project quotations, as well as coordinating creative and technical services specifically suited for each project. We will coordinate and manage the team until project completion.

Implementing Solutions

Mibex Select Consultants strives to provide solutions but our success lies in achieving those defining moments towards the client’s success. Our passion is reflected by the concern for our clients’ welfare and by our desire to deliver real benefits.

Solutions come in as many forms as there are clients but not all consulting firms provide as many options as we do. Certain clients mandate a detailed report containing well outlined recommendations that will serve as their handbook for business improvement and growth well into the future. Others however, require a measure of additional care and ongoing support through the implementation process.

Mibex Select Consultants is available to manage every aspect of the implementation process. Our qualified team of experts and resource partners offers a turnkey implementation solution with a coordinated range of services from concept to completion and launch. Mibex Select Consultants stands out as an industry leader in delivering innovative solutions with implementation support customized to meet the client’s needs

New Product Development

Development of a new product entails all the necessary steps from concept to finished product at market. The task of initializing a product, whether through formulation or creation of a prototype, may appear so daunting a challenge that, too often, it represents the end of a dream never to be realized. Pursuant to many years of product development and product marketing experience Mibex Select Consultants guides clients through the development process while facilitating the stages of development.

Commercialization of a new product means unfolding two simultaneous processes. Besides guiding you through the development process Mibex Select Consultants will help devise a business model in conjunction with a market strategy that will successfully drive the product to market.

Product Development

Business Development

The involvement of Mibex Select Consultants can be as extensive or as limited as required throughout all the stages of development of your product or service. Our extensive experience includes completed mandates in such categories as packaged foods, sauces, natural food products, supplements and vitamins, personal care, beauty, hardware and technology. Regardless your vision, whether it is to realize the dream of operating a business, or launching a product or service we can collaborate with you from start to finish - from concept to market.


Contemporary Marketing is all about establishing relationships with the customers you target. The quality of that relationship determines customer loyalty, longevity and recurring sales. Where the traditional brick and mortar store keeper garnered relationships with customers one at a time, a well-defined brand strategy allows you to do the same but with a scope to millions.

Like in any other relationship your customers want to know about you (your brand) - who you are - what you represent - your character and integrity - your story - your dedication to your product. The buzz used to be all about product, price and quality but what consumers are looking for today is value!

Your Brand

Does your target market identify with the value component in your Brand?
Does your brand clearly identify what you are about and convey the value that you present?
Does your value proposition resonate with your best target market?
Does your brand clearly differentiate you from every other supplier in your marketplace?

Your Market

Do you know your most profitable customers and are you targeting prospects that look just like your best customers?
Do you understand the factors buyers consider when selecting your product or service and are you focusing your marketing campaigns on those factors?
Have your customers changed the way they find, buy, or use your product or service and have you adjusted your marketing plan accordingly?

Your Message

Do you have several key marketing messages that are consistent throughout all media?
Do your marketing messages resonate with your target audience?
Does your marketing reflect that you understand the needs and wants significant to your customers and prospects?
Are you tailoring messages to specific market segments?

From the marketing perspective, your Brand represents your business. Your Market is the customer that you reach out to and your Message is the compatibility factor and potentially the decision driver. A strong social media presence driven by innovative marketing strategy is what makes your business standout in the current hyper-competitive market environment.


Mibex Select Consultants provides mentoring services as an exceptional opportunity for businesses owners and managers to acquire qualified support and expertise, when needed, as needed. If your business can benefit from the presence of an experienced advisor who will provide guidance and support through the daily hurdles in management and decision making processes, then this service is ideal for you.

Very few business managers have the advantage to be surrounded by a brigade of full time advisors. Though, a better informed manager will make better decisions, many businesses don’t have the resources to maintain this level of full-time support. Whether by the hour, short or medium term, Mibex Select Consultants offers a cost effective mentoring service that provides the type of input you need to support your business growth and success for years to come.

Mentoring could include these among other skill sets:

Facilitate all facets of business operations through guidance and support with a disciplined approach to the agreed upon mandate;
Develop owner’s/manager’s skills to enhance decision making processes;
Enhance sales platform through support, training and introduction of new initiatives;
Organization and development of distribution channels, partners, agreements and logistics;
Rationalize supply, product source, cost, pricing, additional products or lines;
Update the company’s strategic vision towards implementation of an action plan;
Enhance internal and external communications, boost morale and cooperation among personnel;

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your business. We provide perspective to daily challenges by combining extensive expertise with over 30 years of diverse business experience. Regardless, the size of your business whether it is large or small, the marketing landscape can appear vast and confusing. Mibex Select Consultants provides ongoing strategic support and resources that can save your business time and money. Our Mentoring service is dedicated to helping you, the business owner/manager, achieve your desired objectives and allow you to reap the benefits of success, so much sooner.


As markets evolve, so does the need for sales strategy and protocol to keep up. Conventional wisdom has been proven ineffective in challenging global competition especially in a hyper-competitive market environment. Similarly, traditional sales and distribution structures are being outpaced by internet sales and by factory direct to customer vendors, worldwide. Current market elements are steadily driving many traditional businesses to obsolete status. Even those businesses that successfully weathered aggressive market conditions in the past are being marginalized by the impact of innovation and new technologies in the marketplace. Hardest hit are distribution companies that are still driven by quotation based selling formulated on product, price or quality.

Is your sales strategy resonating successfully with important customers?
Are you properly targeting your best customer?
Are you building the type of relationships with your customers to sustain sales growth and dependability going forward?
Do your sales representatives understand the significance in the difference between price and value?
Are you constantly quoting prices that are not converting to sales?
Do your company’s traditional sales stars appear disillusioned or unmotivated?
Are you lagging behind your competitors in the use of modern marketing tools and technologies?

If any of these issues impact your business, allow Mibex Select Consultants the opportunity to introduce a sales development program that may include group or individual sessions in any combination of the following:




Team realignment

We will collaborate closely with your management team to customize a training or mentorship program that ideally suits your company’s needs and budget. With years of experience addressing countless sales related issues, we approach each mandate objectively, determined to achieve positive results in the shortest possible time. Where many business owners see problems that may appear unsurmountable, Mibex Select Consultants sees circumstances that beg for a solution. The Mibex Select Consultants team will review the issues, propose a solution and address an implementation program to get your company’s sales securely back on the growth track.

Lanch Strategy

A successful launch, whether it is for a new product, business or brand, is the culmination of many processes, carefully planned steps, and in some cases considerable trials until all the elements fall perfectly in place. A launch is a means of drawing broad based attention to your business. When that happens it is crucial that you present a well-tuned, harmonious and successful organization that is open to new opportunities. Let Mibex Select Consultants develop a launch strategy that will capture the attention of your target market, awe your competitors and drive new business.

Mibex Select Consultants formulates its strategy on an integrated team process comprised of dedicated expertise to meet the unique requirements for each launch. Each team component is focused at achieving a specific set of objectives. Whether it is marketing, sales, customer relations, technology, branding, graphic design, social media, print media or communications Mibex Select Consultants will manage and integrate all components to ensure a successful launch that will draw prominent attention and attract new customers for sustainable growth going forward.

Before taking the decision to launch your new business, product or brand. Contact Mibex Select Consultants to discuss how we can help your launch meet all of your expectations for success.

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